HTML5 IP491 Session Three

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This session was interesting because we got to dig down a little deeper in the experience that people were bringing into the room with them.  It turns out that there are several people with background in visual design  and specifically vector graphics. This background should prove to be useful for people exploring the HTML5 Canvas element and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

jsbin worked really well. Thank you Remy Sharp! It was really nice to be able to drop in sample code to demonstrated the HTML5 Details element in Google Chrome.

There were shared memories of CorelDrawAdobe Illustrator,   and suggestions about vector based drawing tools like INKSCAPE  (an open source project). One participant mentioned “Adobe Draw” but I must have written that down incorrectly. That’s an item to follow-up on next week.

It was nice to have several participants who are also in the jQuery course running now, and who had previously been in the JavaScript course from a few weeks ago. This meant that we could talk about the jQuery toggle alternative to the HTML5 Details element, and the JavaScript that it takes to work with HTML5 Canvas.


To think about (me):

  • Move things that are in the demo site off the wiki site.
  • Improve the work flow so that there is less back and forth between the course wiki and the demo site.
  • Think about how to improve performance on the wiki site – because the pages are getting unwieldy.

4 thoughts on “HTML5 IP491 Session Three

  1. Devin says:

    I found a cool site that is a repository for SVG patterned backgrounds:

    it looks like the SVG code is compressed so you can’t really see what they are doing, but a great solution for tiny, crisp backgrounds.

  2. jimubc says:

    Thanks Devin!
    I’ll check that out.

  3. Jon says:

    The Adobe “Ideas” app can be used to create great vector graphics on tablets and smartphones. There is a free version and a paid version which supports layers. The app will output your drawings to PDF that can be saved across to SVG in most vector based drawing programs.

  4. jimubc says:

    Thanks Jon, I found it here:
    Unfortunately this one is for IOS only.

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