jQuery IP250 Session Three – follow up

Just for fun here is a demonstration of a jQuery plugin called booklet. I used it to do a little review of .hide() .show() .slideDown() .slideUp() .toggle()

You will notice that a lot of the screen real-estate is taken up by large arrows on the sides. I turned on that option to support touch devices.

Here is a screenshot from my Windows 8 Phone  (234 kb)


4 thoughts on “jQuery IP250 Session Three – follow up

  1. Andy Dunn says:

    Hi Jim

    Can you help?

    I’m trying to implement an HTML5 range element slider to change the contents of a div when the user slides the slider.

    my html looks like this:

    and my jQuery like this:
    var sliderVal = this.value;

    Eventually it’ll show a pic of the king/queen depending on the date in the slider, but for now I’d be happy for the event to trigger. Right now, nothing happens when I slide the slider.

    The html and resources are on the jquery website (http://dotnet.tech.ubc.ca/onlinework/jquery/andrew_dunn04.html) and the slider is under the ‘forms’ section of the website.

  2. Andy Dunn says:

    It stripped my html from the comment!

  3. jimubc says:

    Hi Andy,
    Quick thoughts.
    It might be easier to debug this if you separate this into a separate page, get it to work there, and then migrate it back into your integrated page.

    Things to do to get the event to fire.
    should be


    should be

    See http://jsbin.com/izafiy/3/edit

    That should get you going. If there is more, please set up a simpler example (just this issue) in jsbin and we can discuss with the group in the lab next week.

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