IP250 jQuery Session Four Notes


Here are some quick follow up notes after last night’s session.

the material we discussed last night
The main course page is really big to load, so this is a link to just the material we covered last night. I’ve added some optional reading at the end of the session notes.

jQueryUI Accordion 2 on a page
Near the end of the evening we had a quick discussion about putting two or more jQueryUI elements on a page. I did a quick mockup in jsbin, and here is an update to that in case it went by too quickly.

jsbin Settings and Hints
I’ve expanded the notes we discussed last night with instructions on how to open the console window in various browsers.

Assignment Four

Due Midnight May 7, 2013

Please create at least two pages that you would use to demonstrate to a prospective client that you know how to use jQuery.

  1. A page that uses something we have discussed our lab sessions. Feel free to use any of the source listings and examples that I have provided as a basis for this page (or pages if you need more than one).
  2. A page that uses some aspect of jQuery that we have not done in the lab sessions. The core of this requirement is that you do not use code that is on the course website for the main functionality that you are demonstrating.

Put working versions of your pages on the course FTP site, or some other publically accessible site and then send me a link at the email address where I wrote to you when the course began.

It’s been great working with you over the past four weeks. I hope that you found the experience to be meaningful and practical. Speaking of practical – please put jQuery to work in your environment as soon as you can so that this time you’ve invested in jQuery has real outcomes for you.



2 thoughts on “IP250 jQuery Session Four Notes

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Jim,
    The course was great, thank you. Is there a jQuery level 2 course, or one in the works? Would be nice to continue on in this subject as it is useful at work.

  2. jimubc says:

    Hi Vanessa,
    Thank you for your kind comments. No, we don’t have a jQuery level 2 course scheduled, but I thinking about it. It would have to run in the late fall or early in the new year.

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