Surface Pro – Incredible Service Experience

Microsoft Surface Pro

The battery on my Surface Pro was acting up or rather… it wasn’t charging properly.  The issue was intermittent, but annoying and it appeared that I was losing battery capacity.  I contacted Surface support requesting a callback from their the Surface Support Site. I got a callback immediately.

After a couple of minutes of discussion the technician said that I should exchange the machine. I could do that at the closest Microsoft Store or send it to Microsoft. The Microsoft Store where I got my Surface Pro is within 30 minutes so I opted to do that. I called ahead to the store to make sure that they had stock and to find out how long the process would take.  The answers were good. Yes, they had stock, and No it wouldn’t take long.

I went to the store and I had my new Surface Pro under my arm and I was out the door in under 10 minutes. I had purchased the Microsoft Complete Extended Warranty when I got the unit. It turns out that with the replacement unit I get the full one year standard warranty AND the Microsoft Complete Extended Warranty (two years) starts from the date that I received the replacement unit.

I wasn’t thrilled that there was an issue with the battery, but that can happen with portable device. I was very impressed with how everything was handled.

Oh – and except for having to reinstall my legacy (Windows 7) software, I had almost no downtime over this.


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