IP352 Programming Basics – Session One

Great to meet everyone tonight. Thanks for filling in the questionnaire and sharing your thoughts with the group. Quick reminder, if you haven’t responded to the questionnaire, please do that over the next day or so.  Here is the link: Most Important Question

As you probably noticed, we have some flexibility around the amount of time we will give each topic, and that’s why I pushed some things into next week.

If you would like to review the course objectives – go to the course web page (first link on your notes) and check out the tabbed interface at the top the page. The second tab is “Objectives”.

I will do a quick note like this after each session. If you use Twitter, please go to http://twitter.com/JimUBC and follow me. I’ll tweet when there’s a new blog post.  You can also bookmark this link for all posts related to this course

I mentioned at the end of the evening, now that the  initial course administration steps of getting you set up with your confidential passcodes is all done,  I won’t be monitoring that email address. Going forward if you want to talk about the course, let’s do it here. I’ll write up a quick blog entry each week, and you can add comments to it. When someone else posts a question and you think that you can help – please jump in and help out.

When it comes time to do your assignment please log into the wiki with the credentials you used tonight. Then you should find a link to your wiki page at the top of the page.

Notes from the Alphabet Soup discussion.

Alphabet Soup discussion (acronyms)

Follow up links:

Game Development in HTML 5

Please have your portion of the homework done by Monday so that your work is available for others to review. And please look at other peoples’ pages too.

Finally – it would be great if you would do a quick comment here with your view of the most valuable thing to come out of tonight’s session, and if you have suggestions, let’s share those too. Thanks!

See you all next week!


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