IP352 Programming Basics Session Three

Did you enjoy the show ‘n tell session this week? I hope that you’ve done the follow-up reading about Data Types (see section 3 of the course home page).

Pop quiz … would this work?

If you tried to do this with a compiled language would you expect this to work? How about with a scripting language?


Remember this? What does this represent?

What was the best part of last week’s session for you? And the worst? You can tell me. I’d really like to know.



2 thoughts on “IP352 Programming Basics Session Three

  1. Dan Mew says:

    Regarding the paint can and spray can: I might be going in completely the wrong direction but….

    For the problem to work is there a need for an outcome? The process has been defined but what is the program supposed to achieve?

  2. Dan Mew says:

    I’ve been thinking about this on my walk home from work since posting my last comment and come to the conclusion that my previous comment would be what a compiled language would say, it would want more information about the variables and the data that is contained. Whereas a scripting language would take the variables and try to come up with something, even if it was a stripe of yellow paint next to a stripe of red paint.

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