IP352 Programming Basics Session Four

I hope that you enjoyed digging into some language specific code. Here is more information about jsbin and more tools like it.

Do you have any suggestions or comments about these or other tools?

Here is a link to This week’s assignment

Are you having a good time with the reading on Object Oriented Programming? I hope so.

Please remember to log in to Peerwise, add a new question and answer all the others that are there. The Login instructions are on the the assignment page.)

As always, I am interested in your thoughts about the best parts of last week’s session, and areas where we could have done better. Please leave a comment. Thanks!


One thought on “IP352 Programming Basics Session Four

  1. Jeanette says:

    Q: Best Parts?
    A: The visual representations of each concept or definition. Your analogies of every-day examples are WONDERFUL for me as a visual learner!!! (Ie. the currency analogy! Quicker/more efficient to change currency all at once in the new country (compile/early binding/translate) than to figure out the total with each purchase (script/late binding/interpret)).

    A: Also, a couple in-class questions (thanks to Diana and Anastasia!), led you to draw a few concepts (such as “function”) up on the white board as they would look “in practice”. These were “a-ha” moments, as the analogies for each took on reality in the realm of programming.

    Q: Areas that could have been done better?
    A: More examples of how the concepts “look” and “act” in programming. Just like you did for “function”, when a few of us had our “a-ha” moments :).

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