A Participant’s Perspective

Here is the mind map from the CTLT session on  Teaching in the Land of BYODTeaching in the Land of BYOD Mind Map

You can click the mind map to see the full sized image and see the notes from the session.

In the days leading up to my session I found myself in other presentations, there with my own devices and keenly aware of how I was using them. Sometimes I was deeply engaged, taking notes, following references, looking up related ideas following flights of fancy across the web. Sometimes I was looking at my schedule to see what was coming up next. And there were other times where I just had to put down my devices and participate with others in a discussion or activity.

In those situations where I was passively receiving information and actively trying to interact with it my devices helped me to do that. I have probably always done this with pen and paper, and later laptops and tablets and in a pinch, my smartphone. In other situations where I was expected to actively contribute and even create content (especially with others) those personal devices were simply a hindrance.

Does this reflect the typical learner’s experience in my classes?


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