IP352S13A Session Five

The big hits this week were deciphering Object Oriented Programming. Great work on the definitions. I hope that by now you have found a way to apply these to your real life examples.

I can see that you are writing new questions in Peerwise. By this point you

  • should have answered all the questions that were there last week,
  • added a new question of your own this week, and
  • be working on answering the new questions contributed by everyone else.

Surprise bonus this week, there will be prizes

  • for the authors of the question with the best overall rating, and
  • the person who got the most questions correct

Working together in the wiki

  • There will also be a prize for the person with the most contributions to others wiki pages.

This week we will spend most of the session writing code and building on the principles we have come to know over the preceding five sessions.

Also – if you are wondering about next steps after this course – consider HTML5 2: The Semantic Web


Please leave a comment here on how you feel the course is going, your high and low points from last session. Thanks!



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