IP489S13A HTML5 Crash Course – Starts July 22, 2013

HTML5 logo
Starting next Monday at Robson Square.

This course can be applied to the Award of Achievement HTML5 AcademyThis course can be applied to the Award of Achievement HTML5 Academy

This is a workshop oriented, one week intensive course designed to provide you with the skills needed to create great looking, powerful websites. This summer institute takes 3 of the 6 courses in the new HTML5 Academy Award of Achievement and delivers them consecutively.

  1. HTML5 2: The Semantic Web
  2. JavaScript 1 ā€“ Introduction
  3. HTML5 3: Building Dynamic Experiences with JavaScript

Designed for those with some experience of HTML, you will learn to identify the key features of HTML5 that distinguish it from older versions and build compliant web pages that employ the most relevant features in use today. You will learn about JavaScript, the most widely used client-side scripting tool. Finally, you will use your new JavaScript skills to access some of the new and enhanced HTML5 capabilities including Canvas, Form Elements, Web Storage, Application Caching and Geolocation. You will leave this hands-on course with the knowledge to create dynamic websites using many of the latest web development tools.

Register for this course: HTML5 Crash Course


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