IP489S13A HTML5 Crash Course – Session Three Notes

HTML5 logoBy a generous show of hands it looked like we did well today. Thank you.

We  finished up our introduction to the new semantic elements in HTML5 yesterday. We will come back to HTML5 Forms and the features that require JavaScript on Friday.

Most of today was about programming concepts in general and JavaScript specifically. We did visit some other ideas first.

Quick notes:

  • Using fonts that the user/client does not have installed with @font-face and Google Fonts
  • More font resources:
  • When we got into JavaScript, “V” gave us this link for reference material and resources.
  • http://javascriptkit.com
  • We got a lot done today using jsbin as our online platform. If you have questions or problems with JavaScript or HTML5, please consider using jsbin tool for sharing your ideas and questions with others.

About JavaScript specifically – we covered:

  • Where you can put JavaScript: (external library, head section, body section)
  • Writing output to the screen with window.alert()
  • Getting input from the user with window.prompt()
  • Writing output to the HTML in the page with document.write()
  • Variables, Arrays, Sequence, Selection, Iteration, Functions & Function Parameters
  • We learned about the concept of scope

Assignment Three:

  • Add one more question in PeerWise
  • Answer all unanswered questions in PeerWise
  • Experiment with Conditional Branching with IF

If you’d like to share the best and worst of your day in the course, please leave a comment to this post and tell us about it.

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “IP489S13A HTML5 Crash Course – Session Three Notes

  1. dtade says:

    Hi Jim,
    one of the initiatives that my employer sent me off with was to come away with the ability to design an invite that we could send out to our clients. Ideally it would work something like this: HTML email sent out to client, client can open it and rsvp, on our end we receive the rsvp with data such as yes:no:client name: # of people:email and so on. Is it reasonable to expect HTML to be able to perform all these tasks for us? I think that at some point we are going to need a “spot” to store the data we collect.
    Thank you,

    • JimUBC says:

      Hi Denise,

      Thank you for your question.

      You will need a “spot” to store the data that you collect.

      HTML5 can store data on the client end, but you would need something more than HTML5 alone to store the data at your end.

      Have you considered an online polling application, or an online scheduling/meeting/event tool?

      Maybe something like http://www.eventpro.net/ (haven’t tried it but it could give you an idea of the type of application I mean).

      Let’s see if anyone in our group has some ideas.

      • dtade says:

        We looked at evite but didn’t like the lack of customization. The evite events tend to be geared towards purchasing tickets and our events are complimentary for our clients. We really like to make are invitations customized according to our clients and the event. I haven’t heard of eventpro, I will check it out. Thank you.

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