IP352F13A Programming Basics – Session One Assignment


Assignment 1 Read/Write/Wiki

To be completed before Monday September 16, 2013 (your part, then add comments to other students’ wiki pages)
Add your work to your Wiki page FirstName LastName

Part One: Read & Write

Read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers

Write up to 500 words in total about two or three things that you have learned, and how you will program differently because of that learning.

Part Two: Write Instructions

Write a paragraph or several to describe how to perform a task. You are giving someone detailed instructions on how to solve a problem. He or she must rely on the instructions you provide. You will not be available to help or clarify when she or he is doing the task..

You may use point form.

This should not take longer than an hour to finish – or rather – when you have invested an hour, jot down what you have at that point – but you do not need to devote more than an hour or so to this.

Examples of tasks you could describe:

  • Baking a cake.
  • Enter your house to house-sit and feed a pet.
  • Wash your car.
  • Tidy your house.
  • Write a song.

Part Three: Help / Comment

Review the wiki entries from the other students and add discussion notes to the pages for at least two students.

Use this link to other students’ pages

Be sure to sign your comments with four ~ tildes ~~~~

Part Four / PeerWise  We will do this next week.

  • PeerWise
  • You should have written down your login information in your notes.
  • PeerWise Course ID: 8006
  • Course Identifier IP352F13A

Create a new question by Monday night. At least 4 other questions by Wednesday before the next class. Please rate the questions as you do them.

Part Five: A little video

The Cloud Will Change Everything

Part Six: Windows Azure / DreamSpark

Open the email I sent to you with the password information. Follow the links in the email to redeem passes for Windows Azure and DreamSpark

Finally – please take a couple of minutes to reflect on our session tonight and write about it here:  Programming Basics Session One Notes


4 thoughts on “IP352F13A Programming Basics – Session One Assignment

  1. JimUBC says:

    I’ve had a report that the course page won’t scroll. I think the issue here is that the course page is quite big and may take several seconds to load. Until it is fully loaded, you can’t scroll.

  2. JimUBC says:

    Some people are trying to log in using a password that looks like “Password”… This is the password for the machines in the lab. The password for the wiki where you will post your assignments is in the email that I sent you last week. The password ends in two numbers… for example: 01, 02, 03

  3. Raul Ramos says:

    Should I already select from the Developer & Designer Tools? I have no idea which one to select.

    • JimUBC says:

      Hi Raul,
      This is about DreamSpark – yes?
      Okay – Visual Studio Developer 2012 is the current version
      Visual Studio Developer 2013 Preview for Desktop
      We can talk more about this tonight.

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