IP352F13A Programming Basics – Assignment Two

Assignment 2

To be completed before Monday September 23, 2013 (your part, then add comments to other students’ wiki pages)


Read & Write

Read What Makes Bad Programmers Different? — Andrew Binstock

Write up to 500 words in total about two things that you have learned, and how you will program differently because of that learning.

Programming Structures


Do some research on the web and do what you can to get a sense of the following terms.

  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Sequence
  • Selection / Conditional Branching
  • Iteration

Review your first assignment in which you wrote instructions to complete a task.

Identify where you used (or could have used) these concepts.

Add these terms to your assignment page

===== Variables =====
===== Arrays =====
===== Sequence =====
===== Selection / Conditional Branching =====
===== Iteration =====

Then write examples where your instructions use these concepts.

Finish Assignment One

  • Add comments to the discussion pages for at least three of your classmates.
  • Respond to comments left by others on your discussion page.

Part Four / PeerWise

  • PeerWise
  • PeerWise Course ID: 8006
  • Course Identifier IP352F13A

Create a new question by Monday night. Answer at least 4 other questions by Wednesday before the next class. Please rate the questions as you do them.

More Commentary

  • Look at several other participants’ pages and see how they did matching terms to their instructions.
  • As before, feel free to fix spelling and grammar issues.
  • Leave comments.

See all of your Classmates’ pages

Write about a real-life example that illustrates each of the following concepts:

  • Variables / Arrays
  • Sequence
  • Selection / Conditional Branching
  • Iteration

Light Reading

Just a little light reading…

The Rise of the Brogrammer

Building a Motivated Team (11 ways to motivate a geek)


One thought on “IP352F13A Programming Basics – Assignment Two

  1. JimUBC says:

    We had a question: “Where can I find the PeerWise example?”

    Here’s how…

    Please follow this link PeerWise.

    Log in as we did last Wednesday.
    Log in screen for PeerWise

    Choose our course
    Choose course IP352F13A

    Choose Answered or Unanswered Questions (depending on whether or not you answered the model question last week during our session).
    Main Menu

    For me, this model question is under Answered Questions (because I answered it during our session last week).
    Model Question

    Part of your assignment this week was to create one new question and answer four.

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