IP352F13A – Programming Basics – Session Four Assignment

  Object Oriented Programming

Background reading:

Your Tasks In your wiki page:

OOP for a Six Year Old
  • In less than 1000 words describe object oriented programming – in terms that could be understood by someone six years old. Do not use any technical terms.
Technical Terms for those who like them
  • Write a short paragraphs about each of
    • The distinction between a Class and an Object
    • Encapsulation
    • Properties
    • Methods
    • Polymorphism


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6 thoughts on “IP352F13A – Programming Basics – Session Four Assignment

  1. Diana Contreras says:

    What did you think was the most valuable thing that happened for you tonight?
    The class was clearer and with a sequence. Was good to start to see some applications. For example at the end of the class we used the application array. Also, work with a partner it is a great idea because we meet new classmates and we share ideas. Consequently, we learn from others.
    What did you learn from that?
    Definitely, I learn better doing exercises related to the topic.
    What will you do with that knowledge?
    Doing research in the internet is a good way to keep the new information in the long-term memory.

    Now that we’ve had our fourth session, what do you want to know?
    I would like to keep doing the same with array application. Exercise at the end of the class to reinforce the topic.
    What could we have done better?
    I would like more to see more explanations related to the terminology on the manual and not just images. I would like to review in the future what I saw in class and just with picture will be difficult to remember it.
    How can I add a file to my assignment?

  2. Diana Contreras says:

    I used some images to explain OOP. I drew on a sheet it and I would like to add to wikipage.

    • JimUBC says:

      Hi Diana,
      Let me help you with that in class tonight. Please bring the image on a USB key or if the image is online, please tell me the URL.

      What is the filename of the image? I’ll set up something in advance to make this easier.

      See you tonight.

      • Diana Contreras says:

        Tonight we do not have class but I can be there at 6:00pm.It is in pdf. I drew it by hand.It is something simple.

      • JimUBC says:

        Hi Diana,
        I have uploaded the file to your wiki page.
        Diana Contreras Assignment 4

        This is excellent work and I looking forward to you sharing this with the group tomorrow. (Yes, I got the days mixed up, and no … you don’t have to come early).

  3. Diana Contreras says:

    Thank you!!. and see you tomorrow.

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