IP491F13A HTML5 2: The Semantic Web – Assignment One

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To be completed before Monday October 14, 2013

Create and Answer Questions

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  1. By Sunday night
    1. Delete the sample question you created in class
    2. Create a question based on something you know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and how one or all of these is used to create modern web pages
  2. By Monday night
    1. Answer at least 5 (five) questions
    2. Please remember to rate the questions
    3. Please add comments to the questions to improve the answers or add clarification

Hands On

Download your 00.htm page and update the descriptions for the files we created. Then upload that page back to the server and view it athttp://dotnet.tech.ubc.ca/onlinework/html5/

Read the WHATWG FAQ – skimming it is fine. We are going for light understanding at this point.


3 thoughts on “IP491F13A HTML5 2: The Semantic Web – Assignment One

  1. cc says:

    i dont mean to be rude, but i hope next time the class can end on time. even though it’s only a 10minute extension, it makes a lot of difference with my commute schedule (trains and buses don’t go by frequently that much by the time class ends). I took the class knowing how it will be hard to commute back home, but it would help me a lot if i dont miss my bus schedule (should the class end later). i hope you understand, since it’s getting colder and darker out as well. you don’t have to post my comment. I just want to get this across. =) thank you

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