IP352F13A Programming Basics Session Five Assignment

Assignment 5 – Testing

Read / Write

Read ‘at least’ the pages 3-6 inclusive of this article. Read more if you like.

Eliminate the Testing Bottleneck

Comment on at least two points that seemed significant to you as a programmer. Copy/paste this outline into your wiki page.

==== The Testing Bottleneck ====
Reading: [http://dotnet.tech.ubc.ca/programming/content/Borland_-_eliminate_testing_bottleneck_whitepaper.pdf Eliminate the Testing Bottleneck] the following points were interesting to me:
===== change the heading for the first point =====

===== change the heading for the second point =====

Catch Up

Go back and fill in anything in the previous assignments that you have not done.


by Monday  

Add two more questions in PeerWise (At least one should be related to Object Oriented Programming).

by Wednesday (before class)

Answer all unanswered questions.


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