IP352F13A Programming Basics – Session Six Notes

Consider this picture.
Learning Cycle

Can you see how this applies to what you are doing before our sessions and while we are together?

Please reply with a comment about our last session.

Highlights / Metacognition

  • What did you think was the most valuable thing that happened for you tonight?
  • What did you learn from that?
  • What will you do with that knowledge?


  • Now that we’ve had our last session, what do you want to know?
  • What could we have done better?

If you spot a question from someone else and you can answer it – please do.


2 thoughts on “IP352F13A Programming Basics – Session Six Notes

  1. Jeanette says:

    Experiencing – our in-class tutorial/example of using the programming software.
    Sharing – when we all got together and discussed which term in OOP we understood the least. Having a student share the flow chart in front of class.
    Processing – In class examples and analogies to “cement” the data in the brain. As well as the homework assignments.
    Generalizing – the articles we’d read on best practices (or worst). As well as in-class discussion, such as the satirical article (use critical thinking!)
    Applying – with the access to the software provided, I can take this information and begin practising and exploring! Also the “what will I do with this information” questions in the homework.

    a) The most valuable thing that happened for me in this session was:
    Doing the in-class exercise with creating the Celsius to Fahrenheit converter, and having Jim use the terminology identifying each part (ie. database).

    b) Aside from tying the terms to the real-life tools, I learned that in today’s programming, most of what is needed (since the classes are so sophisticated) is good grasp/memory of methods, properties, functions, polymorphism, etc. The lower levels are all in place (mostly).

    c) With this knowledge I want to create a more efficient measurements converter for the company I work for as proof of what I have learnt, and for practice while the knowledge is fresh.

    a) Now that I’ve completed this session, I want to begin learning HTML to begin working towards website editing, and fun creation!

    b) What could have been done better? Although the history on Javascript and Java was interesting (makes it fun and interesting, as well as easier to remember) it made the time for hands-on application shorter, which I thought may have been more useful in the long run?

    • JimUBC says:

      Hi Jeanette,

      Thank you for your thoughtful and comprehensive comments. I really appreciate that you took the time to write. This is really helpful feedback and I’m sure that this will help me to improve this course and others in the future.

      Thank you.


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