IP491F13A HTML5 2: The Semantic Web – Assignment Three

HTML5 logo
To be completed before Monday October 28, 2013

Big concepts in Video:


Complete your assignment page from last week and add content so that it has at least:

  1. ONLY one <main> element
  2. two articles (content can be stubs)
  3. two sections (content can be stubs)
  4. three of the new elements we used this week
    • cite
    • mark
    • figure / figcaption

More Questions

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  • Peerwise Course ID: 8144
  • Course Identifier IP491F13A
  1. By Sunday night
    1. Correct any incorrect answers from questions you have answered so far
      1. Add comments where applicable and ratings for all questions.
    2. Create a question based on something new you have learned about HMTL this week.
  2. By Monday night
    1. Answer all unanswered questions

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