IP491F13A HTML5 2: The Semantic Web Session Four Assignment

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  1. By Sunday night
    1. Correct any incorrect answers from questions you have answered so far
      1. Add comments where applicable and ratings for all questions.
    2. Create a question based on something new you have learned about HMTL this week.
  2. By Monday night
    1. Answer all unanswered questions

Hands On

Pick one of the four below (Form, WOFF Web Fonts, Offline Storage, Semantic Data)


  • Create a form with
    • several of the new form elements
    • try out one or two of the validations

WOFF Fonts

  • Create a page that uses Web Fonts using @font-face (fonts that we have not used in our lab session)

Offline Storage

  • Create a page that uses some form of Offline Storage
    • sessionStorage
    • localStorage
    • or both

Semantic Data

  • Create a page that embeds semantic data (Microata, Microformats, RDFa)

Create/Edit/Upload your files

  • Create/Edit your files using WebMatrix (preferred) or use a text editor and ftp
  • Update your 00.htm page so that there are descriptions beside all the pages that you created

If you absolutely, positively can’t get things to work with uploading your files, use jsbin or one of the other online tools for creating pages and send links to your work by email .


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