IP250F13A jQuery: Session Two Assignment


  • Background Reading

    Questions & Answers

    In PeerWise create at least one question and answer all others.

    • Peerwise
    • Peerwise Course ID: 8324
    • Course Identifier IP250W13A
    • When authoring questions – please provide links to support the correct answer. (Please insert as link – watch for the icon above the text area).
    • Please rate all the questions you answer and if you can add improvements to answers or provide comments – please do. This can only enhance your understanding and will help others too.

    Write jQuery

    Create at least two jsbin pages that use jQuery. Or for variety try

    • Use selectors to pick matching elements from the DOM (Document Object Model)
    • Change or otherwise affect the elements by manipulating attributes. Try something other than what we did in the lab.
    • Keep track of the URLs for the pages (email to yourself or make sure that you can recognize them in the “my bins” list in jsbin.  We will need this to discuss in the lab next week.
    • In jsbin – use the Bins tab, and download your bin files so you can view the complete page.

If you have questions about jQuery or this assignment – please post them here as comments.

If you spot a question from someone else and you can answer it – please do.

And finally:  Please comment in the jQuery Session Two Notes – thank you.


4 thoughts on “IP250F13A jQuery: Session Two Assignment

  1. Adrian says:

    A little bit of code to share for assignment #2:

  2. Adrian says:

    Updated to have a fade out effect when a tag is clicked to be removed:

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