IP250F13A Session Three Assignment


Questions & Answers

In PeerWise create at least one question and answer all others. This means that you should have authored a least three questions and answered at least 27.

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  • Peerwise Course ID: 8324
  • Course Identifier IP250F13A
  • When authoring questions – please provide links to support the correct answer. (Please insert as link – watch for the icon above the text area).
  • Please rate all the questions you answer and if you can add improvements to answers or provide comments – please do. This can only enhance your understanding and will help others too.

Write jQuery

This week please review these objectives and write as many examples as you feel are ncecessary for you to meet the following.

Outcomes for this Session

At the end of this session (and completion of the session three assignment) you should be able to:

  • Recognize, create and use callbacks inside the context of jQuery methods
  • Use JavaScript Object literals as arguments passing multiple parameters to jQuery methods
  • Use Method Chaining to perform multiple methods on the same set of elements
  • Create scenarios to use jQuery effects to build dynamic user experiences
  • Compare similar jQuery Effects and decide on the most effective one to use in scenario that you will design
  • Build pages that use jQuery Effects that we did not discuss in the lab

If you have questions about jQuery or this assignment – please post them here as comments.

If you spot a question from someone else and you can answer it – please do.

And finally: Please comment in the jQuery Session Three Notes – thank you.


One thought on “IP250F13A Session Three Assignment

  1. fuzziebrain says:

    My code for this week — http://jsbin.com/IViVoRi/1

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