IP492F13A HTML5 3: Assignment Four

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Create a new question  and answer all unanswered questions by next Monday. Please rate the questions as you do them.

Writing JavaScript

Use jsbin or similar online tool to create two three pages that demonstrate the following principles.  Keep track of the addresses of your pages so that we can review them in the lab.

We may have started work on these during the lab, so you can use the lab work as a starting point and complete anything that you haven’t got working yet.

Try your hand at two of the following. Pick the ones that seems to have the most immediate application for you.  Remember: The less you copy and paste, the more you will understand.

Please – even if you have done it before – please add a comment to the HTML5 Session Four Notes with your impressions of tonight’s class.

Let’s have all this wrapped up by December 20th. You can send me an email with links to your pages. I’ll give you the email address during our last session.


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