IP250F13A jQuery: Final Assignment


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  • Please rate all the questions you answer and if you can add improvements to answers or provide comments – please do. This can only enhance your understanding and will help others too.

Write jQuery

Outcomes for this Session

At the end of this session (and completion of the session four assignment) you should be able to:

  • Use the jQuery .prop() method to read and write DOM element properties.
  • Create and use your own jQuery Plugin.  This can be modest in its functionality, but ideally it should
    • Accept JavaScript Object Literals for options.
    • Your Plugin should also support jQuery Method Chaining.
  • Use jQuery Ajax methods: jQuery.ajax() or  jQuery.get() or jQuery.load() to pull data (text or JSON) into a web page asynchronously.
  • Select and use jQuery User Interface to add dynamic user experiences to your web pages. Ideally, you will choose a jQuery UI widget that we did not use in the lab together.

For the final assignment write web pages that demonstrate two of the objectives above. Pick things that have the most immediate relevance for you.  Remember: The less you copy and paste, the more you will understand.

And  please comment in the jQuery Session Four Notes – Thank you.

Let’s have all this wrapped up by December 20th. You can send me an email with links to your pages. I’ll give you the email address during our last session.

If you have questions about jQuery or this assignment – please post them here as comments. If you spot a question from someone else and you can answer it – please do.


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