IP352W14A Programming Basics Assignment One

Assignment 1 – Programming

This is probably the most time-intensive assignment of the whole course. There are five required parts that could take 10-90 minutes each, and then some optional things to do that could take another hour.

Why have time budgets?
We are early in the course and I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or to get frustrated if you get stuck. If you hit the time budget, just move on to another part of the assignment.

Part One: Shared Notes

Please read and add a comment to our shared Session One Notes

Time budget: 10-20 minutes

You will do the rest of your written work in your wiki page. Your login name and password are in your notes.

Part Two: Read & Write

Read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers

Write up to 500 words in total about two or three things that you have learned, and how you will program differently because of that learning.

Time budget: 60-90 minutes

Part Three: Write Instructions

Write a paragraph or several to describe how to perform a task. You are giving someone detailed instructions on how to solve a problem. He or she must rely on the instructions you provide. You will not be available to help or clarify when she or he is doing the task..

You may use point form.

This  should not take longer than an hour to finish – or rather – when you have invested an hour, jot down what you have at that point.

Examples of tasks you could describe:

  • Baking a cake.
  • Enter your house to house-sit and feed a pet.
  • Wash your car.
  • Tidy your house.
  • Write a song.

Time budget: 60-90 minutes

Part Four: Help / Comment

Review the other students’ work. Edit where necessary and add discussion notes to the pages for at least four students.

There is a link on your wiki page to the other Students’ wiki pages.

At the top right of your wiki page you will find guidelines to help you.

Time budget: 30-90 minutes

Part Five: Questions and Answers in PeerWise

We will do this next week.

  • PeerWise
  • You should have written your PeerWise login name and password in your notes
  • Course Identifier IP352W14A

Create a new question by Monday night.  Answer at least 5 other questions by Wednesday before the next class. Please rate the questions as you do them.

Time budget: 60-90 minutes

Part Six: Windows Azure and DreamSpark

Optional but highly recommended

If you have time, after you have created your account, go the the DreamSpark Student Downloads page and download and install Visual Studio 2013.  Instructions: DreamSpark Download Visual Studio

Note: This takes about 5 gigabytes of space on your hard drive.

We will be using Visual Studio in our lab sessions later in the course, and if you want to explore those ideas in more detail, you will appreciate having Visual Studio installed on your computer.

Part Seven: A little video

This is optional, but very enlightening. You can watch this while downloading Visual Studio

The Cloud Will Change Everything

Approximate time: 60 minutes.


2 thoughts on “IP352W14A Programming Basics Assignment One

  1. Hello Jim,

    When downloading Visual Studio 2013, I’m thinking that we will be working with the professional version? (Visual Studio Professional 2013). Do we install the 32-bit or Web Installer 32-bit version?

    Can you briefly explain “Web Installer”? … or a link explaining the difference between 32-bit and Web Installer 32-bit version? I could not find any documentation online.


    • JimUBC says:

      Hi Jules,

      Use the web installer 32-bit version. This loads a small program that reaches back out to the web to pull in everything else it needs to run Visual Studio Professional 2013. This will also likely take less space on your hard disk drive.

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