IP352W14A Windows Azure Registration is not working

Edit 2014/1/20  – Windows Azure Registration is working now.

Thanks to Jules for pointing this out. When you enter your pass code at http://www.windowsazurepass.com/azureu there is an error.

Windows Azure enter promotional code

Nothing happens or you get an error. (blank screen or server error).

This was working fine on Wednesday and I double checked it yesterday. I think that this is likely a temporary problem. I will send a note to Microsoft. In the meantime, if you are seeing this error, try again tomorrow just in case it’s working.  I’ve see this kind of error (infrequently) in the past and it’s usually resolved in 24-48 hours.

The link to get to Windows Azure registration is in the email I sent you just before the course started.

If you try this and you are successful, please post a comment here.


PS. If you haven’t already done it – please post a comment here too:

IP352W14A Programming Basics – Session One Notes


2 thoughts on “IP352W14A Windows Azure Registration is not working

  1. JimUBC says:

    I just checked (Sunday 12:55 pm). It’s still not working – I’m waiting to hear back from Microsoft.

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