IP352W14A Programming Basics Assignment Two

Assignment 2 – Programming

Why have time budgets?
The next phase in time budgets is to make your own. I’ve suggested a few below – for things where it would be difficult to guess, but if I haven’t suggested a time budget for an item, guesstimate how long it will take you to do the task and see how close you were after it’s done.


Please share your thoughts and observations by leaving a comment in the Session Two Notes.

1. Programmers (Read and Write)

Read What Makes Bad Programmers Different? — Andrew Binstock

Read The Programmer’s Virtues — Tommy Morgan

Write up to 500 words in total about two things that you have learned, and how you will program differently because of that learning.

Time budget 60-90 minutes

2. Programming Structures

2.1. Finish Assignment One

Make changes (edits and additions) to your Session One assignment Instructions.

2.2. Research

Do some research on the web and do what you can to get a sense of the following terms.

  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Sequence
  • Selection / Conditional Branching
  • Iteration

Add these terms to your assignment page, write definitions and be sure to provide links to your sources.

===== Variables =====

===== Arrays =====

===== Sequence =====

===== Selection / Conditional Branching =====

===== Iteration =====

Time budget: You decide. Make an estimate and then notice how long it actually takes.

2.3 Application

Review your first assignment in which you wrote instructions to complete a task.

Identify where you used (or could have used) these concepts.

  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Sequence
  • Selection / Conditional Branching
  • Iteration
2.4 Real Life Examples

Then write examples where your instructions use these concepts.

Write about a real-life example that illustrates each of the following concepts:

  • Variables / Arrays
  • Sequence
  • Selection / Conditional Branching
  • Iteration

3. PeerWise

Create a new question by Monday night. Answer at least 4 other questions by Wednesday before the next class. Please rate the questions as you do them.

Time budget: 60 minutes

4. More Commentary

  • Look at several other participants’ pages and see how they did matching terms to their instructions.
  • As before, feel free to fix spelling and grammar issues.
  • Leave comments.
  • Add comments to the discussion pages for at least three of your classmates.
  • Respond to comments left by others on your discussion page.

5. Light Reading

Not quite reading but News report from 1981 about the Internet 2:17 minutes for perspective

Just a little light reading…

The Rise of the Brogrammer

Building a Motivated Team (11 ways to motivate a geek)

DreamSpark Download

DreamSpark Website


Go to the Student Portal


Download Visual Studio



4 thoughts on “IP352W14A Programming Basics Assignment Two

  1. Jim, I’m not in a rush for a link or an answer …. I saw a topic on “Normalization” earlier before the class tonight somewhere on here. I thought I would ask you if you know of a good book out there on the topic … more to do with the “algebraic method” for normalization of a database. Years ago in college, I had a class where we created a database for an airline (arrivals, departures, times, etc) and we did it using algebra to come up with our tables and column fields. I’m trying to find some reading material on algebra to do the normalization. We never had a book back then, but the instructor must have gotten that from somewhere. I wish I had kept all my notes from back then.

    Note: “Session Two Note” link is not working properly and so I’m leaving a comment here. Thanks.

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