IP352W14A Programming Basics Assignment Four

Assignment 4

Metacognition: By Friday (works best if you do this within 48 hours of the class)
Reflections on your learning this session: Please add a comment in the Session Four Notes.
Time budgets
This time it’s all up to you. Review the assignment, estimate the time it will take to do each part, and then compare your estimates to the actual time it takes.

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

To be completed before Monday February 10, 2014 (your part, then add comments to other students’ wiki pages)

Background reading:

Your Tasks

In your wiki page:

Object Oriented Programming for a Six Year Old
  • In less than 1000 words describe object oriented programming – in terms that could be understood by someone six years old. Do not use any technical terms.

==== Object Oriented Programming for a Six Year Old ====

Technical Terms for those who like them
  • Write a short paragraphs about each of

==== The distinction between a Class and an Object ====

==== Encapsulation ====

==== Properties ====

==== Methods ====

==== Polymorphism ====


Log in to PeerWise

  • Create another question in PeerWise (at this point you should have at least three).
  • Answer at least six questions.
    • Remember to confirm your answers
    • Improve the explanations if you think they need help
    • Leave comments where appropriate
    • Rate the questions

Optional Viewing

One thought on “IP352W14A Programming Basics Assignment Four

  1. John says:

    •What did you think was the most valuable thing? What did you learn from that?

    Hard to say just one, as I think there were three things for me. (1) A better understanding of how JavaScript integrates with HTML. (2) The overview of PowerShell and the difference between the uses of something more front-end oriented (JS) vs. back-end (Powershell); and finally (3) the interaction between spreadsheets and basic overview of SQL was insightful.

    •What will you do with that knowledge?

    This information will be applied to provide a better understanding of a database development project that is currently going on at my work. Already, I am able to conceptualize the project.

    •Now that we’ve had our fourth session, what do you want to know? What could we have done better?

    I will also research this myself, but I like to have contextual examples of the uses of various programming languages. For example, when PHP would be used over JavaScript, etc.

    Great class.

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