IP356W14A JavaScript

JavaScript logoWhat’s the next logical step after Programming Basics? – JavaScript. This is all hands-on in the coding bringing client-side interactivity to the browser and starts next Wednesday.  Registration closes this Thursday.

Note: This JavaScript course is a prerequisite for HTML5 3: Building Dynamic Experiences with JavaScript and strongly recommended before jQuery: Beyond Fundamentals and all of these are part of the HTML5 AcademyThis course can be applied to the Award of Achievement HTML5 Academy


Client-side scripting (at the browser) is a common method of bringing interactivity to the user experience on the web.

Learn about one of the most popular (widely supported) tools for doing this: JavaScript

This course provides a hands-on introduction to programming in JavaScript, general scripting fundamentals as well as JavaScript specifics (80% of the course). We will also explore using the jQuery Javascript Library (20% of the course).

Duration: 12 hours – four Wednesday Evenings.

Register for this course: JavaScript 1: Introduction

This course can be applied to the Award of Achievement HTML5 AcademyThis course can be applied to the Award of Achievement HTML5 Academy


Theoretical Objectives

  • Understand how JavaScript fits into the context of web development
  • Understand where JavaScripts fits into the context of specific web pages
  • Understand these concepts of programming in JavaScript:
    • Sequence
    • Variables
    • Functions
    • Selection
    • Iteration
    • Arrays
    • Object Orientation
  • Understand how JavaScript is related to the Document Object Model and how JavaScript can manipulate and otherwise affect an HTML document
  • Know where to find and how to use JavaScript libraries and utilities
  •  Understand where jQuery fits in the context of JavaScript

Practical Objectives

  • Create web pages that use JavaScript to:
    • Dynamically write content to web page
    • Create user interfaces using forms
    • Create pop-up messages to inform and capture user input
    • Create functions to
      • Encapsulate business logic
      • Dynamically update the current web page
  • Introduction to jQuery
    • Use jQuery within a web page to manipulate CSS properties
    • Use jQuery UI (User Interface) libraries in web page

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