IP352 Programming Mechanics and Mindset

The next session of this course starts next Wednesday night 6:30-9:30 pm at Robson Square (Lab C460). Seats still available: Register here: Programming Mechanics and Mindset


This course can be applied to the Award of Achievement HTML5 Academy


With modern tools you can create a web page, or even an entire web site without knowing anything about programming – but – to get beyond simply adding content to pre-made templates you do need to know what is going on below the surface: You need to know about programming. Even if you don’t intend to write programs, an understanding of the fundamentals will demystify many of the technologies you will encounter in web development.

Course Description

We explore a big picture view of the Internet and identify centres of technology. It is in these centres of technology that various kinds of programming take place. We then look at high level programming concepts: variables, scope, control structures, sub procedures and functions and discuss scripting, compiled and hybrid languages and concepts related to object oriented programming.

Duration: 18 hours (6 evening sessions)

Register for this course: Programming Mechanics and Mindset

Theoretical Objectives

You will learn concepts and terminology related to programming, and understand where these are used in web development. Some of the high level concepts covered in this course:

  • Programming in General
  • Scripting in Contrast
  • High/Low level languages
  • Abstraction
  • Sequence
  • Branching
  • Iteration
  • Variables
  • Procedures/Functions
  • Parameters
  • Return Values
  • State and Statelessness on the web
  • Object Oriented Programming

Practical Objectives

You will learn how to read programming/scripting code in several environments and recognize the application of the concepts shown in the Theoretical Objectives. (left panel on this page).
You will learn the general layout of a integrated software development environment tool and create a simple website.


Lab Equipment and Devices

The sessions are conducted in a computer lab and you will have a lab computer for you to use.

You are welcome to bring your own computer to the lab sessions if you prefer to use that. Wireless access is available in the lab.

At times you will be doing a fair bit of typing and you will want to have a large enough screen and separate physical keyboard so that you can view content and type at the same time.

Lab exercises are based on using the lab computers.
If it appears that you are having challenges with your own device, we will ask you to use the lab computer.

Please plan to use your own cloud based storage (SkyDrive, DropBox, iCloud or similar) or a USB storage key.


Instructional Methods

  • Hands-on labs
  • Discussion
  • Online collaboration
  • Lecture
  • Homework assignments submitted online

Course Materials

  • Web site
  • Course notes
  • Printed copies of on-screen lecture notes available on request during lectures

No Recording or Pictures in the Lab

Please note: Taking pictures or video during the course sessions is not permitted. All the course materials and lecture notes are available in physical form and on the web.


floor plan of Robson Square


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