IP352S14A – Programming Mindset & Mechanics Session Four Notes

Consider this picture.

Learning Cycle

Can you see how this applies to what you are doing before our sessions and while we are together?

Please reply with a comment about our fourth session.

Highlights / Metacognition

  • What did you think was the most valuable thing that happened for you tonight?
  • What did you learn from that?
  • What will you do with that knowledge?


  • Now that we’ve had our fourth session, what do you want to know?
  • What could we have done better?

If you spot a question from someone else and you can answer it – please do.


3 thoughts on “IP352S14A – Programming Mindset & Mechanics Session Four Notes

  1. Andrew says:

    understanding the difference between User-centered and user interface design will help me in the future when planning the design of my applications.

  2. johannapani says:

    I think the most valuable thing I gained tonight was my chat with you Jim regarding why the percentage of women have decreased in programming over the past decade. It was interesting to me to hear why a seasoned programmer thinks the decline occurred, while it was also interesting to discuss my own standpoint – since I am a woman myself who is interested in programming. I never knew this statistic until I started this class and was a little surprised by it, but not entirely. Upon reflecting upon what you said, in combination to my own thoughts, I can understand and believe why womens interest in a programming field would decline.

    This is good knowledge for me to know as a woman entering this field, or a (web) design field because I will be working closely with programmers. This insight and knowledge will give me a heads up to what I can expect from the male-dominated position.

    Thank you for your insights Jim.

  3. Sam Liu says:

    The most valuable thing in this session was the difference among three programming errors we may make.
    Knowing the meanings of those errors can make us debug the program more efficiently.
    logic errors are the most difficult to find, so based on my experience, it is good that there is another programmer can check the code when we encounter logic errors.

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