IP356F14A JavaScript -1 Introduction

JavaScript logoWhat’s the next logical step after Programming Basics? – JavaScript. This is all hands-on in the coding bringing client-side interactivity to the browser and starts next Wednesday.  Registration closes this Thursday.

Note: This JavaScript course is a prerequisite for HTML5 3: Building Dynamic Experiences with JavaScript and strongly recommended before jQuery: Beyond Fundamentals and all of these are part of the HTML5 AcademyThis course can be applied to the Award of Achievement HTML5 Academy


Client-side scripting (at the browser) is a common method of bringing interactivity to the user experience on the web.

Learn about one of the most popular (widely supported) tools for doing this: JavaScript

This course provides a hands-on introduction to programming in JavaScript, general scripting fundamentals as well as JavaScript specifics (80% of the course). We will also explore using the jQuery Javascript Library (20% of the course).

Duration: 12 hours – four Wednesday Evenings.

Register for this course: JavaScript 1: Introduction

This course can be applied to the Award of Achievement HTML5 AcademyThis course can be applied to the Award of Achievement HTML5 Academy


Theoretical Objectives

  • Understand how JavaScript fits into the context of web development
  • Understand where JavaScripts fits into the context of specific web pages
  • Understand these concepts of programming in JavaScript:
    • Sequence
    • Variables
    • Functions
    • Selection
    • Iteration
    • Arrays
    • Object Orientation
  • Understand how JavaScript is related to the Document Object Model and how JavaScript can manipulate and otherwise affect an HTML document
  • Know where to find and how to use JavaScript libraries and utilities
  •  Understand where jQuery fits in the context of JavaScript

Practical Objectives

  • Create web pages that use JavaScript to:
    • Dynamically write content to web page
    • Create user interfaces using forms
    • Create pop-up messages to inform and capture user input
    • Create functions to
      • Encapsulate business logic
      • Dynamically update the current web page
  • Introduction to jQuery
    • Use jQuery within a web page to manipulate CSS properties
    • Use jQuery UI (User Interface) libraries in web page

One thought on “IP356F14A JavaScript -1 Introduction

  1. rodmonk says:

    Hi Jim,

    As much as I am enjoying the course, I was somewhat disappointed with the Session 2 material. The reason for this disappointment is that I found the pacing of the programming constructs to be painfully slow. I may be the odd man out on this one, but it was my understanding that the course prerequisites required at least a basic knowledge of programming. The listed prerequisite is “Programming Mechanics and Mindset” (https://cstudies.ubc.ca/courses/programming-mechanics-mindset/ip352) in which “Learn the basic programming concepts including variables, scope, control structures, procedures, functions, scripting,….”.

    Given this, I would suggest that Session 2’s discussion could have been reduced down to a 30 minute review of JavaScripts specific embodiment and quirks of – indeed – “…variables, scope, control structures, procedures, functions”. In fact, 15 minutes could have done the trick.

    What I am loosing out here is the specifics of how JS how can be used; the specific language syntax is an almost trivial distraction for me that I can learn on my own.

    In fact, come to think of it, if everyone had completed the perquisites, you should be able to give as an assignment to review the details of JS syntax at home and then field a few questions at the start of the next session; i.e. reducing class time on the subject down to near 0.

    My 2 cents worth,


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