Windows® 8/7 – Office 2013/2010 Quick Start Tuesday February 10th 2015

The next session for this one day course is Tuesday February 10th. Seats still available. Register for this course

If you have just acquired a new PC or plan to in the coming months, this course introducing Microsoft Windows 8/7  is for you.  The principles and concepts we will cover apply to Windows 8 and Windows 7. At work or at home, when everyday PC users are confronted with new versions of existing software, our natural inclination is to test whether we can still do what we used to do – the old way. Learn the best of both worlds: find your favourite old features as well as the new ones! Discover the Windows 8 benefits and features such as the new user interface, instant search and sync centre, and new Office 2013/2010  features, including the ribbon, quick access toolbar, key tips, and OneDrive.

Duration: 6 hours (Morning and afternoon session on the same day)

Theoretical Objectives

  • Understand key benefits of using Microsoft Windows 8 / 7.
    • Discuss (explain in your own words) how at least three of these benefits can change your approach to using your computer.
  • Understand key benefits of using Microsoft Office 2013/2010
    • Understand how to find things in the new interface
    • Discuss (explain in your own words) how at least three of these benefits can improve the quality of your results (or speed time to outcome) with Access, Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.
  • Explore OneDrive Applications
    (optional material)
    • Discuss pluses, minuses, and interesting aspects of computing in the cloud

Practical Objectives

Windows 8 / 7
  • Find almost anything on your computer with Search anywhere and the Search folder.
  • Organize your files with View, Navigation Pane, Folders View, Filtering, Stacking, Saved Searches, Libraries.
  • Creating and using User Accounts.
  • Restoring old versions of a file.


Office 2013/2010
  • Use the Ribbon (new fluent user interface):
    • Tabs
    • Groups and Dialog Box Launcher
    • Commands
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Key Tips (old name – keyboard shortcuts)
  • Significant changes since Office 2007


Recommended: Prior experience with any version of Windows and Microsoft Office would be an asset. Access to the Internet to review post-course resources is highly recommended.

Lab Equipment and Devices

The sessions are conducted in a computer lab and you will have a lab computer for you to use.

You are welcome to bring your own computer to the lab sessions if you prefer to use that. Wireless access is available in the lab.

At times you will be doing a fair bit of typing and you will want to have a large enough screen and separate physical keyboard so that you can view content and type at the same time.

Lab exercises are based on using the lab computers.
If it appears that you are having challenges with your own device, we will ask you to use the lab computer.

Instructional Methods

  • Hands-on labs
  • Discussion
  • Lecture

Course Materials

  • Web site
  • Course notes
  • Printed copies of on-screen lecture notes available on request during lectures

No Recording or Pictures in the Lab

Please note: Taking pictures or video during the course sessions is not permitted. All the course materials and lecture notes are available in physical form and on the web.



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