Microsoft Access Introduction

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Microsoft Access Introduction starts Tuesday February 17.  Seats still available (registration closes on Thursday am)

Learn your database fundamentals with Microsoft Access! You have your data and want to use the computer to organize it in ways that will allow you to capture, manipulate and analyze it easily.

Course Description

Microsoft Access allows you to capture, manipulate and analyze data easily. Learn the fundamental concepts, terminology, objects and tools that make up a database. Design and create tables, queries, forms and reports, and get an introduction to the standard language of databases: SQL.

Detailed Course Description

Duration: 12 hours  Location: Robson Square

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  • Data Normalization
  • Database terminology
  • Tables
  • Relationships
  • Access 2010 / 2007 User Interface
  • Queries
  • Forms
  • Reports


  • General
    • Create Access databases
    • Open database objects in multiple views
    • Move among records
    • Format datasheets
  • Viewing and Organizing Information
    • Enter, edit, and delete records
    • Create queries
    • Sort records
    • Filter records
  • Creating and Modifying Tables
    • Add a predefined input mask to a field
    • Create Lookup fields
    • Modify field properties
  • Defining Relationships
    • Create one-to-many relationships
    • Enforce referential integrity
  • Creating and Modifying Queries
    • SELECT queries
      • Multiple Tables
      • Calculated expresssions
  • Creating and Modifying Forms
    • Create/Display Forms
    • Modify Form properties
  • Producing Reports
    • Create and format reports
    • Add calculated controls to reports
  • Preview and print reports
  • Integrating with Other Applications
    • Import data to Access
    • Export data from Access


Please note: We will be using Access 2010 during this course. If you are using Access 2003 or earlier, you will find that the principles will be applicable, but the user interface will be different.

Some experience with Microsoft Windows and a mouse.

Experience with Excel will be an asset but is not required.

Lab Equipment and Devices

The sessions are conducted in a computer lab and you will have a lab computer for you to use.
You are welcome to bring your own computer to the lab sessions if you prefer to use that. Wireless access is available in the lab.

At times you will be doing a fair bit of typing and you will want to have a large enough screen and separate physical keyboard so that you can view content and type at the same time.

Lab exercises are based on using the lab computers.
If it appears that you are having challenges with your own device, we will ask you to use the lab computer.

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