Surface Book: First Look

I finally got my hands on a Surface Book. It’s a work of art and it looks like the device that could actually replace everything else around here.

I was hesitant to pre-order it until I could see it first hand, experience detaching the clipboard (tablet portion), holding, standing, walking, writing and doing all the things I do with my Surface devices.  I was concerned that it might be too big, too bulky, too heavy.  It is none of these things. It may just be perfect.

If you’re like me you spend a lot of time with your devices, and the experience is at least as much visceral as it is intellectual. And that’s why didn’t pre-order a Surface Book. I needed to see, feel and use it, especially the pen in order to being to understand how it would fit into my lifestyle. After all, it’s going to a near constant companion.

And now that I’ve had some time with the demo unit (Core i7 16 gig) at a local Microsoft store, I can’t wait for my Surface Book to arrive. Yes I pre-ordered it.

I’ve had laptops and tablet PCs from 17” down to 7” and as time has gone by, I’ve struggled with the conflicting needs: power, portability, screen size, battery life. The Surface Pro 3 (Core i7 8 gigs 512). is as close to perfection as I’ve found up to this point. As a tablet it is brilliant, on a desktop and in the docking station it does most of what I need, and the only places that it felt wanting were screen size, and the laptop experience. And yes, I’ve wished for more RAM memory. I think that 16 gigs will do fine thank you.

Looking at the Surface Book, it hits all the points on my wish list with at big bright screen, and an overall form factor that will still fit into my lifestyle. It’s a little heavier than the Surface Pro 3 with keyboard, but think that I can forgive that if I really can leave the power adapter behind.

The Surface Book does not lean back as far as the Surface Pro 3, but since you can flip the screen around the writing on a desk experience is fine.

I prefer a little angle with I’m writing or drawing on a desk and this looks like it will work just fine.

Here’s a nice video review that lets’ you see the Surface Book from all sides.
Surface Book – It really is this good.


Surface Book at the Microsoft Store


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