Outlook® Out of the Inbox

If you are familiar with previous versions of Microsoft Outlook then sending and receiving email with Outlook 2016/2013 is very simple. For many people making the transition, that is where they stop exploring. In this course we uncover the mysteries of the new fluent user interface (the Ribbon) to help you to do what you have always done like emailing, scheduling and responding to appointments, categorizing your mail and calendar events. We also explore new ways to be productive with flags, rules, automatic formatting, quick art, smart parts and more.

Duration: 6 hours (Morning and afternoon session on the same day)

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Theoretical Objectives

  • Understand why the Inbox gets out of control and identify specific issues arising from the way you use Outlook now.
  • Understand the key actions that can arise from an email and learn Outlook shortcuts to accomplish these quickly.
  • Identify some best practices that are supported by Outlook, which can be applied to your individual situation.
  • Choose specific features or Outlook that you can use immediately.
  • Create a plan for you will start using those features.

Practical Objectives

Use the Fluent User Interface

  • Ribbon
  • Backstage View
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Navigation Pane
    • Folders
    • Buttons
  • To-Do Bar
    • Date Navigator
    • Appointments
    • Task List
  • Categories
  • Tasks
  • Folders
    • Search Folders
  • Quick Parts
  • Key Tips (old name – keyboard shortcuts)
  • Optional topics
    • Archiving / Backup
    • Journal

Lab Equipment and Devices

The sessions are conducted in a computer lab and you will have a lab computer for you to use.

You are welcome to bring your own computer to the lab sessions if you prefer to use that. Wireless access is available in the lab.

At times you will be doing a fair bit of typing and you will want to have a large enough screen and separate physical keyboard so that you can view content and type at the same time.

Lab exercises are based on using the lab computers.
If it appears that you are having challenges with your own device, we will ask you to use the lab computer.

Instructional Methods

  • Hands-on labs
  • Discussion
  • Online collaboration
  • Lecture

Course Materials

  • Web site
  • Course notes
  • Printed copies of on-screen lecture notes available on request during lectures

No Recording or Pictures in the Lab

Please note: Taking pictures or video during the course sessions is not permitted. All the course materials and lecture notes are available in physical form and on the web.


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