jsbin Settings and Hints

jsbin settings video

In the video linked above Remy Sharp tells us how to set options in jsbin. Here are some notes I took while watching the video.

Examples that Remy did: In your browser of choice, open the console.

  • IE: F12, click Console tab
  • Firefox: ctrl-shift-k
  • Google Chrome: F12
  • Opera: Open Opera Dragonfly with ctrl-shift-I then click the Console button

Type in any of these commands, press enter, then ctrl-r to refresh the browser.

Your changes are recorded in local storage and will persist across browser sessions.

  • jsbin.settings.editor.lineNumbers=true;  (or double-click on headings)
  • jsbin.settings.editor.matchBrackets=true;
  • jsbin.settings.editor.theme=”solarized-light”;
  • delete jsbin.settings.editor.theme=”solarized-light”;
  • jsbin.settings.editor.theme=”solarized-dark”;
  • jsbin.settings.debug=true;  or false

You can get more details about available options at CodeMirror.net ⇐ takes you to the user manual.

jsbin testing for Ajax requests

hint – use tab for code completion.

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  1. […] jsbin Settings and Hints I’ve expanded the notes we discussed last night with notes on how to open the console window in various browsers. […]

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