Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Emotional Intelligence

  1. Emotions provide us with information that enhances every aspect of life and work. When we ignore our emotions, we miss out on the “intelligence” they provide.
  2. Emotional intelligence enables us to build skills in a range of areas from assertiveness, communication and self-regard to self-actualization and happiness.
  3. Emotional management and self-regulation start with noticing and acknowledging how we feel. Then, we can choose to respond in ways that make us proud.
  4. Having the language of emotions at our fingertips gives us insight into ourselves and others, and insight means that we are more effective at solving problems.
  5. Forget about trying to eliminate emotions from the workplace. Whether we are aware of them or not, emotions are part of every conversation and exchange. Building skills in emotional intelligence is the best way to deal with emotions at work.
  6. Emotions motivate. Knowing what is important to us helps us to make wise decisions; emotions tell us what is important to us, and then they move us to take action.
  7. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as an emotion-less decision.
  8. The performance of a leader who lacks emotional intelligence is compromised.
  9. When you experience a negative emotion, pause to name it as precisely as you can, e.g. “I feel hurt, I feel left out.” Then notice the intensity of the emotion decrease.
  10. Ask yourself, “When I feel competent and effective, what am I doing?” It could be that your feelings are revealing a strength.

Ann Rice

Ann Rice is a certified executive and career coach and founder of Sterling Executive Coaching, which provides leadership and career coaching to professionals, managers, executives, entrepreneurs and academics. She has 25+ years of experience as a consultant at the UBC Life and Career Centre where she has facilitated the professional and personal development of adults with a range of programs that have included Planning Your Authentic Life, Assertiveness Training and The Power of Emotional Intelligence.

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